China OEM China Top Single Stage Rotary Piston Vacuum Pump Replacement for Kinney KT150 KT300 with Hot selling

China Top Single Stage Rotary Piston Vacuum Pump Replacement for Kinney KT150 KT300

Kinney Replacement Vacuum Pump

Our vacuum pump can perfectly replace the Kinney vacuum pump, the following is the corresponding model of Kinney


This type of pump is mainly used for extracting, pumping, and conveying air and other gases. For example, vacuum evaporation and drying in the chemical industry, vacuum dehydration in the textile and paper industry, etc. It can be used as the pre-inflation seal of the Roots blower pump, and the application range of the Roots blower pump can be greatly improved.

Pros and Cons of Vacuum pump

The rotary piston pump has many advantages:

  • Relatively cheap and high capacity at deep vacuum levels (<0.01 Torr)
  • The rugged design allows for a long life
  • Can allow trace amount of solvents

The limitations of this type of vacuum pump are as follows:

  • Cannot handle liquids or any process carryover because these will damage the internals of the pump
  • Cannot easily handle condensable vapors
  • Solvent recovery is not possible due to oil contamination
  • Designs can be noisy

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Vacuum Pump Supplier



Hangzhou Ever-power Transmission Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer with decades of professional production experience in vacuum equipment. Its brand “Japanese business” has become 1 of the most influential brands in China. The company has a strong technical force, professional technicians and decades of production experience, excellent processing equipment, and strong awareness of quality management. Our products strictly implement ISO9001:2008 international quality system certification.

So far, our factory has taken the lead in adopting German vacuum pump production technology. The core components are produced by the horizontal machining center and four-axis vertical machining center imported from damage, Germany. We provide our customers with vacuum equipment to meet their professional needs.

Main products: single-stage rotary vane vacuum pump (XD, x), two-stage rotary vane vacuum pump (2x, 2XZ), roots pump (ZJ, jp), water ring pump (SZ, 2BV, 2BEA), vacuum system (water ring closed-loop system, roots rotary vane unit, etc.), vacuum technology solution system. Main application fields of products: food machinery, pharmacy, refrigeration equipment, rubber machinery, solar photovoltaic, chemical vacuum heat treatment, smelting, and other industries. We sincerely hope that we can continuously improve our service and provide customers with first-class vacuum products has always been our responsibility. We are willing to cooperate with you for common development and create brilliance.